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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms fr-08122
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  221 x 173mm
Extent:  2 foll.
Material:  paper
Attachment:  seal
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a-2b
Language:  French
Place:  Genève
Date:  1755-01-17
Short summary:  He has given up the hope to be able to help Jallabert in a matter regarding coins and medals. He puts forward an hypothesis about a seal affixed in a Bible: the inscription could be read "Alphonse Loüis Primat des Gaules". He will go to the Royal Library to see and compare the two editions of Sixtus V's and Clement VIII's Bible. He has met Mussard, who was delighted by Jallabert's last letter.
Title:  [Incipit] Monsieur, J'ai enfin perdu l'espérance de négocier vos médailles et monnoyes...
Person:  Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712 (Genève)-1778 (Ermenonville), Philosopher, Man of letters, Musician, author
Person:  Jallabert, Jean, 1712-1768, Mathematician, Physicist, Politician, Philosopher, Clergyman, addressee
Person:  Barthélemy, Jean-Jacques, abbé, 1716 (Cassis)-1795 (Paris), Orientalist, Philosopher, Clergyman, Poet, Historian, Archaeologist, Numismatist, Philologist, Hellenist, person referred to
Person:  La Curne de Sainte-Palaye, Jean-Baptiste de, 1697 (Auxerre)-1781 (Paris), Historian, Philologist, person referred to
Person:  Mussard, François, 1691?-1755, Jeweller, person referred to
Person:  Richelieu, Alphonse-Louis Du Plessis de, 1582?-1653, Cardinal, Clergyman, Archbishop, person referred to
Comments:  Rousseau dates inadvertently his letter from Geneva. In fact, the letter is most probably written in Paris. The mention "Bibliothèque du Roy" (Royal Library) that Rousseau intends to visit the same day, and the fact that letters by him dated January 3rd and 24th 1755 are indeed written in Paris, prove the mistake. In pencil on fol. 1a: "Wallerska saml." Previous owner: Benjamin Fillon. Printed in: Correspondance complète de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, édition critique établie et annotée par R.A. Leigh, tome III, Genève, 1966.
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