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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms Wall-01462
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  280 x 216mm
Extent:  1 fol.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a
Language:  English
Place:  Boston
Date:  1948-05-07
Short summary:  Discussion on catalogues made by amateurs in medicine who do not have training in bibliographical or classification work, one example is the Storer catalogue, which is not very good, and another example is the Catalogue of Incunabula published from Boston Medical Library a few years ago - these catalogues are nevertheless extremely useful and even a catalogue of books should be a little personal; the undersigned will be at the International Neurological Congress in Paris September 5-10 1949 and he would like to visit the addressee at that occasion
Person:  Viets, Henry Rouse, 1890-1969, Physician, signed by
Person:  Waller, Erik, 1875-1955, Autograph collector, Physician, Surgeon, Book collector, addressee
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Storer, Horatio Robinson, Medicina in nummis. A descriptive list of the coins, medals, jetons relating to medicine, surgery and the allied sciences. Edited by Malcolm Storer. Boston, 1931 [UUB: Waller 15043] (Book)
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Ballard, James Francis, A catalogue of the medieval and renaissance manuscripts and incunabula in the Boston Medical Library. Boston, 1944 [UUB: Waller 18053] (Book)
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