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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms Wall-01303
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  247 x 177mm
Extent:  1 fol.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a
Language:  English
Place:  Philadelphia
Date:  1927-06-22
Short summary:  The underigned is perfectly willing to trade the autograph of Agrippa for the letters of Sefström and Mosander and the addressee did not have to send further items, thus he is returning the items that the addressee recently has sent; information on the two letters of Berzelius in the undersigned's possession; he will do what he can to try to find letters of Americam medical men for the addressee
Person:  Smith, Edgar Fahs, 1854-1928, Autograph collector, Chemist, Professor, signed by
Person:  Waller, Erik, 1875-1955, Autograph collector, Physician, Surgeon, Book collector, addressee
Person:  Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486 (Köln)-1539, Chemist, Physician, Philosopher, Lawyer, person referred to
Person:  Berzelius, Jöns Jacob, 1779-1848, Chemist, Physician, person referred to
Person:  Mosander, Carl Gustaf, 1797-1858, Chemist, Pharmacist, person referred to
Person:  Sefström, Nils Gabriel, 1787-1845, Chemist, Geologist, person referred to
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  University of Pensylvania (Institution)
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