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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms Wall-00666
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  285 x 226mm
Extent:  1 fol.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a-1b
Language:  Swedish
Place:  Siarö
Date:  1935-07-16
Short summary:  Discussion on works on scabies; on the undersigned's travel plans - he will visit a congress in Madrid and the go on to Spain etc.; scientific news
Person:  Hult, Olof Torgny, 1868 (Stockholm)-1958 (Stockholm), Medical historian, Physician, signed by
Person:  Waller, Erik, 1875-1955, Autograph collector, Physician, Surgeon, Book collector, addressee
Person:  Castiglioni, Arturo, 1874-1953, Medical historian, Physician, person referred to
Person:  Ibn Sina, Al-Husayn ibn Abd Allah, 0980?-1037, Physician, Philosopher, person referred to
Person:  Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778, Physician, Naturalist, Botanist, Zoologist, person referred to
Person:  Paracelsus, 1493-1541, Physician, Surgeon, person referred to
Person:  Strömgren, Hedvig Lidforss, 1877 (Lund)-1967 (Gentofte), Medical historian, Dentist, person referred to
Person:  Abū Bakr Muh ibn Zakariyā ar-Rāzī, Scientific author, person referred to
Person:  Hildegard von Bingen, 1098-1179, Poet, Mystic, Scientific author, person referred to
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Löffler, Friedrich, Vorlesungen über die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Lehre von den Bacterien ... Leipzig, 1887 [UUB: Waller 14096] (Book)
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Hygiea (Periodical)
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