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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms Wall-00075
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  265 x 208mm
Extent:  1 fol.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a
Language:  English
Place:  Cape Town
Date:  1947-03-18
Short summary:  The undersigned is sending a photostatic copy of Boerhaave & Albinus "The life and work of Andreas Vesalius" in a translation by B. Farrington and published in the transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa: cost of the copies; the addressee has asked for a list of medico-historical publications in South Africa and he is recommended to consult a series of article by Dr Laidler in the Journal of the Medical Association of S. A.
Person:  Brock, John Fleming, 1905-1971, Physician, Professor, signed by
Person:  Waller, Erik, 1875-1955, Autograph collector, Physician, Surgeon, Book collector, addressee
Person:  Farrington, Benjamin, 1891-1974, Historian, Philologist, person referred to
Person:  Laidler, Basil Francis, 1917-1950, Physician, Surgeon, person referred to
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Boerhaave, Hermann & Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried, The Life and work of Andreas Vesalius. Transl. from the Latin by Benjamin Farrington, Cape Town 1930 [UUB: Waller 17923] (Book)
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  University of Cape Town, Department of Medecine (Institution)
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Journal of of the Medical Association of South Africa (Periodical)
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