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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms fr-04571
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  218 x 170mm
Extent:  2 foll.
Material:  paper
Attachment:  seal
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a-1b, 2b
Language:  French
Place:  Auxerre
Date:  1771-09-26
Short summary:  He has recently sent a parcel to the addressee. Rast de Maupas has just donated 600 books to the medical student library that Prof. Haguenot has founded in Montpellier. Scientific news. Exchange of works. About a poem that Housset may be able to translate if it is in Latin. About a "herniacal" corset ("corset hernier")(?) he has invented and that is depicted in the 8th volume of the Journal de médecine.
Person:  Housset, Etienne-Jean-Pierre, 1733 (Auxerre)-1810, Physician, author
Person:  Haller, Albrecht von, 1708 (Bern)-1777 (Bern), Physician, Physiologist, Librarian, Botanist, Anatomist, Reviewer, addressee
Person:  Haguenot, Henri, 1687-1775, Physician, person referred to
Person:  Maret, Hugues, 1726 (Dijon)-1786, Physician, person referred to
Person:  Rast de Maupas, Jean-Baptiste-Antoine, 1732-1810, Physician, person referred to
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Maret, Hugues: Mémoire sur le traitement qu'il convient de faire aux malades menacés ou attaqués de la gangrène sèche qui résulte de l'usage du seigle ergoté, Dijon, 1771 (Book)
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  Journal de médecine (Periodical)
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