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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms dk-02486
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  269 x 215mm
Extent:  2 foll.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a - 2b
Language:  Danish
Place:  s.l.
Date:  1892-05-04
Short summary:  Letter asking for contributions to the 14th Scandinavian Naturalists' Meeting, with the answers of the scientists asked.
Person:  Zeuthen, Hieronymus Georg, 1839 (Odense)-1920 (København), Mathematician, Professor, author
Person:  Andræ, Carl Christoffer Georg, 1812 (Hjerteberg på Moen)-1893 (København), Mathematician, Politician, signed by
Person:  Bing, Frederik Moritz, 1839 (København)-1912 (Frederiksberg), Director of the State Life Assurance Institute, signed by
Person:  Buchwaldt, Frants Ingstrup, 1832-1910, Officer, signed by
Person:  Crone, Hans Christian Rasmus, 1851 (Helsingoer)-1930 (Frederiksberg), Mathematician, signed by
Person:  Gram, Jørgen Pedersen, 1850 (Nustrup ved Haderslev)-1916 (København), Actuary, Mathematician, signed by
Person:  Hansen, Peter Christian Vilhelm, 1844 (København)-1917 (København), Mathematician, Professor, signed by
Person:  Jensen, Johan Ludvig William Valdemar, 1859 (Nakskov)-1925 (Frederiksberg), Mathematician, signed by
Person:  Juel, Christian Sophus, 1855 (Randers)-1935 (København), Mathematician, Editor, Professor, signed by
Person:  Madsen, Augustin Julius Christian Emil, 1830 (København)-1919 (Frederiksberg), Officer, Historian, signed by
Person:  Pechüle, Carl Frederik, 1843 (København)-1914 (København), Astronomer, signed by
Person:  Petersen, Peter Christian Julius, 1839 (Soroe)-1910 (København), Mathematician, Professor, signed by
Person:  Ravn, Niels Frederik, 1826 (København)-1910 (København), Naval officer, Minister, signed by
Person:  Seidelin, Carl Julius Ludvig, 1833 (København)-1909 (Oringe), Mathematician, signed by
Person:  Thiele, Thorvald Nicolaj, 1838 (København)-1910 (København), Actuary, Mathematician, Astronomer, signed by
Person:  Valentiner, Herman, 1850 (Gjørslev)-1913 (Frederiksberg), Mathematician, signed by
Person:  Zachariae, Georg(es) Karl Christian, 1835 (København)-1907 (Klampenborg), Geodesist, Officer, signed by
Person:  Topsøe, Haldor Frederik Axel, 1842 (Skaelskoer)-1935 (Frederiksberg), Chemist, Crystallographer, addressee
Institutions, associations, works etc. referred to:  De skandinaviske Naturforskeres 14. Møde. København 1892. (Association)
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