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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms se-03763
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  290 x 225mm
Extent:  1 fol.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  list
Extent:  1a
Language:  Swedish
Place:  Lund
Date:  1926-02-10
Short summary:  Intention to participate in a dinner party with the "Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet" in Lund
Person:  Brodén, Torsten, 1857-1931, Mathematician, Professor, signed by
Person:  Broman, Ivar, 1868-1946, Anatomist, signed by
Person:  Charlier, Carl Ludwig Wilhelm, 1862-1934, Astronomer, signed by
Person:  Collenberg, Oscar Edvard, 1885-1971, Professor, signed by
Person:  Essen-Möller, Gustaf Elis, 1870-1956, Physician, Obstetrician, Professor, Book collector, signed by
Person:  Fürst, Carl Magnus, 1854-1935, Anatomist, signed by
Person:  Gertz, Otto Daniel, 1878-1948, Natural scientist, signed by
Person:  Grönwall, Karl Anders Axel, 1869-1944, Geologist, Professor, signed by
Person:  Gyllenberg, Knut Anton Walter, 1886-1952, Astronomer, signed by
Person:  Hadding, Assar Robert, 1886-1962, Geologist, Professor, signed by
Person:  Hellman, Torsten J:son, 1878 (Längjum)-1944 (Lund), Anatomist, Professor, signed by
Person:  Klercher, Rutger Kjell-Otto Göran af, 1871-1959, Pediatrician, Professor, signed by
Person:  Nilsson, Nils Heribert, 1883-, Botanist, signed by
Person:  Nilsson-Ehle, Nils Herman, 1873-1949, Botanist, signed by
Person:  Petrén, Erik Gustaf, 1874-1962, Surgeon, Professor, signed by
Person:  Sjövall, Per Gustaf Einar, 1879 (Lund)-1964, Pathologist, signed by
Person:  Smith, Lennart, 1886-1956, Chemist, Professor, signed by
Person:  Thunberg, Torsten Ludvig, 1873 (Torsåker)-1952 (Lund), Physician, Physiologist, Professor, signed by
Person:  Wicksell, Sven Dag, 1890-1939, Statistician, Professor, signed by
Person:  Wigert, Victor Hjalmar Hugo, 1880-1942, Psychiatrist, Professor, signed by
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