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Shelfmark:  Waller Ms se-03365
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  315 x 219mm
Extent:  1 fol.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  official document
Extent:  1a-1b
Language:  Swedish
Place:  Uppsala
Date:  1862-03-22
Short summary:  Accompanying letter to the sending in of invoices of medicaments ordered by "Akademiska Sjukhuset", and a report of diseases, from the university council to "Sundhets Collegium"
Person:  Beckman, Anders Fredrik, 1812-1894, Theologian, Bishop, signed by
Person:  Boström, Christopher Jakob, 1797-1866, Philosopher, signed by
Person:  Böttiger, Lars Fredrik Carl Wilhelm, 1807 (Västerås)-1878 (Uppsala), Linguist, signed by
Person:  Carlson, Fredrik Ferdinand, 1811-1887, Politician, Historian, signed by
Person:  Hesse, Jonas Fredrik, 1811-1873, Linguist, signed by
Person:  Höjer, Carl Ludvig, 1796-1872, Secretary, signed by
Person:  Lilljeborg, Wilhelm, 1816 (Helsingborg)-1908 (Uppsala), Zoologist, signed by
Person:  Malmström, Bernhard Elis, 1816-1865 (Uppsala), Art historian, Literary historian, signed by
Person:  Olivecrona, Samuel Rudolf Detlof Knut, 1817-1905, Jurist, signed by
Person:  Rydin, Herman Ludvig, 1822-1904 (Uppsala), signed by
Person:  Spongberg, Johan, 1800 (Stockholm)-1888 (Uppsala), Linguist, signed by
Person:  Sundewall, Fredrik Emil, 1811-1881, Anatomist, signed by
Person:  Säve, Carl Fredrik, 1812-1876, Linguist, signed by
Person:  Walmstedt, Lars Edvard, 1819-1892, Geologist, signed by
Person:  Glas, Olof, 1812 (Umeå)-1880 (Uppsala), Physician, person referred to
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