Uppsala University Library
Shelfmark:  Waller Ms de-00115
Type of object:  manuscript
Dimensions:  225 x 142mm
Extent:  4 foll.
Material:  paper
Type of element:  letter
Extent:  1a-3b
Language:  German, Latin
Place:  Lübeck
Date:  1864-10-21
Short summary:  Botanical matters. Sends plants, that the addressee has asked for. Mentions Sweet British Flowergarden, and several colleagues, among others the directors of the botanical gardens in St Petersburg and Dorpat.
Person:  Avé-Lallemant, Eduard, 1803-1867, Botanist, author
Person:  Otto, Eduard, Botanist, addressee
Person:  Areschoug, Fredrik Vilhelm Kristian, 1830-1908, Botanist, person referred to
Person:  Hoppe, David Heinrich, 1760-1846, Botanist, person referred to
Person:  Kunth, Karl Sigismund, 1788-1850, Botanist, person referred to
Person:  Ledebour, Karl Christian Friedrich von, 1785?-1851, Natural historian, Botanist, Professor, person referred to
Person:  Reichenbach, Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig, 1793-1879, Botanist, person referred to
Person:  Thedenius, Knut Fredrik, 1814-1894, Botanist, Pharmacist, Apothecary, person referred to
Person:  Lehmann, Johann Georg Christian, 1792-1860, Naturalist, Librarian, Botanist, person referred to ?
Person:  Lehmann, Johann Gottlob, 1719-1767, Chemist, Physician, Natural scientist, person referred to ?
Subject:  Botany
Comments:  Mentions several persons hard to identify: M. A. Bieb, Fischer (in Hamburg), C. Koch, C. A. Meyer, Noë and Schrenk (in Dorpat). The addressee, Ed. Otto, is inspector of the botanical garden in Hamburg
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